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Southwestern Hound Adventures


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Our Guides

This is our crew L-R, Tom Anderson, Donna Anderson, Trevor Mineer, Tim Anderson (Owner) Ann Anderson & Mike Mineer

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Lone Wolf Guide Service runs the best camp. Our food is hand prepared nightly, guides are friendly and we hunt some of the best country in the West.

God's a Hunter at Heart

I think God must be a hunter at heart,
He made the mountains, streams and rivers from the start.
He made a hound to be a hunter's friend
And trails to lead him home again.
So I think God must be a hunter at heart.
He made a lot of good hunting country from the start.
He made a bear and lion for a hound to tree.
He made all this so I could hunt and my spirit could be free.
So when I reach the end of my trail
I'll know that my dogs and I have hunted
and our spirits are still free in the
mountains God made for me.

Tim Anderson

Master Houndsman and Guide

Tim Anderson

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Tim (above) and Ann (below) have guided bear and lion hunters for over 30 years. They have guided numerous elk, deer, antelope and buffalo hunters the last 10 years. They are clean, honest and fun.


Lone Wolf Guide Service
Tim Anderson, Owner
PO Box 627
Paulden, AZ 86334